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CF TypeExpander™

Adapts CF Type I Devices to Use CF Type II Cards

The Accurite CF TypeExpander readily and easily adapts a device that has only a CF Type I slot to use CF Type II cards. CF Type II cards can now be used with your CF Type I device for expanding the memory capacity of digital cameras and pocket PCs. The Adapter also opens up boundless opportunities to CF Type I devices by offering the use of the more powerful CF II cards with applications that were previously unavailable including:

  • Modems and other communications devices
  • Micro Disk Drives

Some Type II cards use a higher current and voltage than the CF Type I cards, so the Accurite CF TypeExpander is equipped with a power jack that accepts the included  AC adapter for that eventuality. Two model configurations are available with either the 120 volt AC adapter or the 230 volt AC adapter. Easy access jumpers are also provided to change the Adapter's current and voltage configuration in order to accommodate the widest variety of CF Devices. For remote use, an Auto Lighter adapter is also available.

Package Contents

  • CF TypeExpander
  • AC Adapter (either 120 volt or 230 AC input)
  • User's Manual


Shown with AC Adapter


Purchase Online - CF Type I to Type II Adapter

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
CF TypeExpander
120 Volt AC adapter
700132 $ 49.00

CF TypeExpander,
230 Volt AC adapter
700133 $ 59.00

Auto Lighter Adapter 12 VDC in, 5 VDC out


$ 29.95


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