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Certifier Reference Diskette

Certification Reference Standard

The Accurite Certifier Reference Diskette (CRD™) was developed as a high precision product for calibrating a flexible disk certifier or read/write head test unit to meet specified performance levels. Each diskette is exactingly tested and labeled with its own unique calibration data ensuring optimum test performance in the field. The Accurite CRD is the key to calibrating test systems to operate within performance levels specified by ANSI, ISO, ECMA, et al.

Quality In-process Control

    To provide the highest accuracy in our label values, Accurite ensures the following:

  • Diskettes are qualified for use as reference diskettes only if they meet or exceed all ANSI specifications.
  • Full track certification is performed on all tracks.
  • Accurite has developed and maintains the standards to reference and control the calibration process.
  • Diskettes are produced under the same stringent environmental controls and within the same quality requirements as our line of Analog Alignment Diskettes (AAD™).
  • Accurite CRD standards correlate directly to PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) references.

Calibration Features

  • Reference Field - A write current measurement used to calibrate the test instrument to the same value of write current used to generate the standard reference.
  • 1F STD AMP - The value used to correct the 1F track average amplitude (TAA) to the value of the standard reference.
  • 2F STD AMP - The value used to correct the 2F TAA to the value of the industry standard reference.
  • 2F/1F RES - The value used to correct the measured resolution to the value of the standard reference.
  • OVERWRITE - The factor used to correct the measured value of overwrite to the value of the standard reference.
CRD Models - Purchase Online
Model Size & Type Coercivity Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
3.50-600 3.5" 720 Kb 600 oersted 810272A $250.00

3.50-720 3.5" 1.44 Mb 720 oested 810274A $250.00

5.25-300 5.25" 360 Kb 300 oersted 810270A $250.00

5.25-600 5.25" 1.2 Mb 600 oersted 810271A $250.00

8.00-300 8" All 300 oersted 810273A $500.00

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