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Drive Probe®

Flexible Drive Diagnostic Kit for PC Compatibles

Powerful, Comprehensive Diagnostics

With Drive Probe, Accurite Technologies provides the ultimate diagnostic package for testing floppy disk drives in IBM® compatible personal computers. Drive Probe can be used to evaluate, repair, and align disk drives - with no need for any additional test equipment.

The package includes a state of the art HRD™ High Resolution Diagnostic diskette and software with easy to use pull-down menus. Using Drive Probe, you receive a thorough assessment of the performance and condition of the following drive types:

  • 3-1/2 inch (720Kb, 1.44Mb)
  • 5-1/4 inch (360Kb, 1.2Mb)

Automatic Sequence Testing

This flexible function allows you to run all or selected tests on a specified drive.

    Tests include:

  • Spindle Motor Speed
  • Diskette Eccentricity
  • Radial Head Alignment
  • Azimuth Head Alignment
  • Index to Data Timing
  • Positioner Hysteresis

Manual Testing

In this mode, you can perform one test of your choice in real time, and results are continuously updated and displayed on the screen. This is indispensable for drive repair, since you can instantaneously view the results of any adjustments you've made.

    Tests include:

  • All tests available with Automatic Sequence Testing plus...
  • Effective Head Width test

Read/Write Testing

Check a drive's ability to read and write data without errors.


  • Nine different data patterns
  • Random or Sequential testing
  • Selection of heads or tracks to be tested
  • Error mapping of diskette used for testing

Utility Functions

Allows you to use Drive Probe as a floppy drive exerciser with an Analog Alignment Diskette (AAD™) and oscilloscope, or to check rudimentary drive functions.


  • Selection of drive for test
  • Report of drive interface
  • Selection of desired head and track location

Package Contents

  • 3-1/2 inch Program diskette
  • 3-1/2 inch Model 325-400 HRD diskette
  • User manual
  • 5-1/4 inch HRD diskettes optional

Accurite Technologies also offers the Drive Probe Advanced Edition when your test and repair requirements are more extensive and include a wide variety of drives.

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Drive Probe 201150A $199.00

Other Options & Accessories
325-400 HRD 810283A $ 65.00

528-400 HRD 810284A $ 65.00

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