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High Resolution Diagnostic Diskette

High Resolution Diagnostic and Alignment Tool

The Accurite HRD™ diskette offers the most precise evaluation of floppy disk drive performance yet obtained by any computer-readable test diskettes.

When used with software solutions, like our Drive Probe®, or specialized test equipment, like our Drive Probe Advanced Edition, the HRD diskette provides a fast, reliable and precise means of diagnosing and aligning drives. In many applications the HRD can be used as a replacement for the Analog Alignment Diskette (AAD™) and oscilloscope.


    The HRD diskette is especially suitable for:

  • Drive or Recording Head manufacturers
  • Quality control functions
  • Incoming/outgoing inspection activity
  • System integrators
  • Drive service and repair


    Accurite's HRD diskette enables you to check the following drive performance parameters:

  • Diskette clamping (eccentricity)
  • Head radial alignment
  • Head azimuth alignment
  • Spindle speed (RPM)
  • Index timing adjustments
  • Index skew
  • Head positioner hysteresis
  • Effective head width
  • Head positioner linearity

HRD Models - Purchase Online

Model Size & Type TPI Sides RPM Part Number Price

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325-400 3.5" 1.44 Mb 135 2 300/600 810283A $65.00

325-800 3.5" 1.44 Mb 135 2 720 & up 810297A $95.00

528-400 5.25" 360 Kb 48 2 300 810284A $65.00

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