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PCMCIA Hardware Development and Prototyping Kit

The Accurite HeadstartCard PCMCIA Kit is a highly integrated design, development and prototyping platform for Type II PC cards. The kit's versatile board design is readily adaptable to design applications supporting a variety of memory and I/O mapped peripheral hardware.

Since the PCMCIA interface logic is already installed and tested on the PC board included in the HeadstartCard Kit, a designer's own ideas and concepts can quickly be built onto the board's prototyping area. A designer's ability to implement a design directly to the final board layout area saves precious design time often spent repackaging and resizing a prototype design to fit the ultimately much smaller PC Card form-factor. Furthermore, the HeadstartCard Kit is packaged with key components, schematics, software and numerous books and reference material so you can start designing right-away! And, since the HeadstartCard Kit includes both frame and covers, the final output of your design can be a finished PC Card, whether it is intended as a prototype or the final product for small volume designs.

Design Features

  • Type II form-factor and Release 2 compatible with PCMCIA standards
  • Zilog Z16M1720ASC PCMCIA adapter chip provides interface logic required to communicate with the host computer
  • Supports multiple pin quad flat packs (QFPs), small outline integrated circuits (SOICs), as well as passive and discrete devices

Package Contents

  • Prototyping board with connectors for PCMCIA bus and 25 position I/O receptacle
  • PC Card frame kit with metal covers
  • Universal 25 position I/O cable
  • Comprehensive documentation with numerous books and reference materials including:
    • HeadstartCard user's manual
    • PC Card general reference book
    • Databooks for PCMCIA adapter chips commonly used in PC Card reader/writers
    • Databooks for key HeadstartCard components, PCMCIA resource listing
    • PCMCIA Association membership information
    • ...and more
  • Utility diskette including:
    • Software to program on board EEPROM
    • Card Services diagnostics
    • Utility to interpret tuples on a PC Card
    • Sample tuple source code files
    • ... and more

    To troubleshoot and debug PC Cards and Host Systems take a look at our PC Card Debug Software.

Hardware and Software Development Services

Accurite also provides custom hardware and software development services to expedite development efforts in bringing PCMCIA, Cardbus, Express Card, PCI, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, USB, Blue Tooth, 802.11 and security products to market, or to otherwise supplement customer engineering resources.   Software development services such as device driver, application program, manufacturing test program, and product debug software are available for a variety of platforms which include, but are not limited to, Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, CE, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Contact Accurite for a project quotation at:

Tel: (408) 395-7100

Fax: (408) 395-7119




Purchase Online - HeadstartCard & Options 

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
HeadstartCard PCMCIA Prototyping Kit 700118 $399.00

HeadstartCard Proto Board
(sold as an add-on to a HeadstartCard
Prototyping Kit)
700122 $199.00

PC ExtenderCard™ 700119 $299.00

PC ReportCard™ 700120 $249.00

Cardbus ExtenderCard 700218 $299.00

PC ExtenderCard/ReportCard Kit 700121 $499.00

Mini Cardbus ExtenderCard



CF ExtenderCard™ 120 Volt 



CF ExtenderCard™ 230 Volt 



ExpressCard ExtenderCard™




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