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1394 Travel RepeaterHub™

Miniature 1394 Repeater/Hub is Ideal for Laptops/Notebooks

The three port 1394 Travel RepeaterHub is the ideal way to multiply any available 1394 port of your computer to connect to two devices. You can cascade multiple 1394 Travel RepeaterHubs to provide more than two port connections. You can also use the Travel RepeaterHub to extend the usable distance between your computer and peripherals.

Weighing in at only one ounce (28.3 grams) the Travel RepeaterHub is ideal for the user of laptops and various 1394 or FireWire® peripherals. The included AC adapter provides up to 12 watts of power and can preserve the battery life of the host computer, or supply bus power for peripherals when connected to a host system with a 4-pin 1394 connector which doesn't supply power through the interface.

Specifications and Features

Accurite IEEE 1394 Travel RepeaterHub™

3 Port IEEE 1394 Hub compliant with IEEE 1394a specification for 6-pin connectors


Weight    1 oz. (28.3g)
Dimensions 63 mm L x 31 mm W x 25 mm D (2.48" x 1.22" x .98")
Color Black

Platforms Supported

 Windows or Mac


From interface through 6-pin IEEE 1394 cable or lightweight switching type AC adapter. 
Supplies a peripheral with up to 12 watts when using the AC adapter.
LED power indicator.


Data Rate 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 400 Mbps

Package Contents

  • 1394 Travel RepeaterHub
  • AC Adapter
  • 914 mm (3 foot) 6-pin IEEE 1394 cable
  • User's Manual

Purchase Online - IEEE 1394 Travel RepeaterHub  

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
IEEE 1394 Travel RepeaterHub
with AC adapter
700201 $ 129.00

Spare 120/230 volt AC Adapter in,
12 VDC @ 1 amp out


$ 34.95

Extra 914 mm (3 foot) 6-pin
1394 cable


$ 19.95

270 mm (approx 1 foot) 4 to 6-pin
1394 adapter cable


$ 14.95

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