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PC ReportCard™

PCMCIA and Compact Flash Diagnostic Card

A complimentary product to the PC ExtenderCard™ and the CF ExtenderCard™, Accurite's PC ReportCard provides a very convenient and economical method to look at the various PC and CF Card functions without oscilloscopes or logic analyzers.

Using the PC ReportCard in conjunction with the PC ExtenderCard or CF ExtenderCard, allows easy monitoring of a PC or CF Card's status as it is exercised. Displayed on a series of LEDs, all PC or CF Card I/O and Memory access cycles can be viewed in real-time as the card is being accessed. Since the PC ReportCard is a passive device, it can remain connected for continual monitoring of these functions without interfering with the actual operations of the PC Card attached. Powerful, yet easy to use, the PC ReportCard aids in troubleshooting PC or CF Card functions, with no need for additional software.

PC ReportCard Features

  • Offers PC Card Memory and I/O Cycle decoding
  • Supports 3.3 and 5 Volt Cards
  • Supports all current PC and CF Card access modes
    • Attribute Memory
    • Common Memory
    • I/O
    • I/O DMA cycles
  • LEDs "stretch" the timing events for easy viewing
  • Logic probe can be used independently of PCMCIA or CF bus to view the Card's signals
  • External trigger signal readily connects to test equipment for timing cycle capture if desired
  • No additional software needed
  • Provides immediate feedback to the software developer, hardware implementer, or troubleshooter

To troubleshoot and debug PC Cards and Host Systems take a look at our PC Card Debug software.

Hardware and Software Development Services

Accurite also provides custom hardware and software development services to expedite development efforts in bringing PCMCIA, Cardbus, Express Card, PCI, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, SDIO (including SDIO IP), USB, Blue Tooth, 802.11, security, ZigBee and custom storage device products to market, or to otherwise supplement customer engineering resources.   Software development services such as device driver, application program, manufacturing test program, and product debug software are available for a variety of platforms which include, but are not limited to, Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, CE, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Palm OS.  Contact Accurite for a project quotation at:

Tel: (408) 395-7100

Fax: (408) 395-7119




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