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USB Travel MicroHub™

Connects One to Two USB Peripherals to USB Port

The Accurite USB Travel MicroHub is the traveler's choice for connecting up to two USB peripherals to your laptop or notebook PC. Peripheral devices such as as a typical USB mouse and hard drives can be connected. A LED indicates that power is available. An AC Adapter is included with each Travel MicroHub for devices requiring more than 100 mA.

Weighing less than one ounce and small (2"x 1") each MicroHub is shipped with a 270 mm (10.6 inch) USB cable and AC adapter (either 120 volt or 230 volt input).

Package Contents

  • USB Travel MicroHub
  • AC Adapter (either 120V or 230V depending on model)
  • Keyboard Adapter (PS/2 type DIN)
  • 270 mm (10.6 inch) USB cable
  • User's Guide

Purchase Online - USB Travel MicroHub  

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
USB Travel MicroHub
120 Volt AC adapter
700183 $ 59.00

USB Travel MicroHub,
230 Volt AC adapter
700184 $ 69.00

Optional 914 mm (3 foot)
USB Cable


$  9.95

Optional Auto Lighter Adapter
12 VDC in, 5 VDC out


$ 29.95


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