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PCMCIA Slot Expander for the HP Palmtop

The DoubleSlot, designed exclusively for the HP Palmtop 100LX and 200LX, lets you connect two PC Cards to your Palmtop at the same time. Light and compact, DoubleSlot gives you an easy and powerful way to better use PC Cards with your HP Palmtop.

Exchanging data is a simple operation with the DoubleSlot. Now you do not have to swap PC Cards while temporarily storing data on the Palmtop's C drive. One simple copy operation is all that's required.

The DoubleSlot allows the use of all three PC Card configurations: Type I, Type II, and the thicker Type III PC Cards. This enables you to use, for instance, an SRAM card and an ATA hard drive at the same time.

Power-hungry peripherals are no longer out of the question with the Palmtop. If needed, DoubleSlot's AC Adapter can power ATA hard drives, high capacity memory cards, as well as the Accurite Travel Floppy™. Our ATA device driver software also supports power management functions for ATA devices.

DoubleSlot lets you use memory compression software like Stacker® with your memory cards, so you can keep compatibility with your current setup or add Stacker whenever you like.

The DoubleSlot allows transferring data or copying files between:

  • SRAM and Flash Memory Cards
  • Flash to Flash Memory Cards
  • PCMCIA ATA Hard Drive and Memory Cards
  • Floppy Drive (i.e., Accurite Travel Floppy) and Flash Memory Cards
  • Floppy Drive and ATA Hard Drive
  • Modem and Memory Cards

Purchase Online - DoubleSlot Models

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
DoubleSlot with 120V AC Adapter 700123 $149.00

DoubleSlot with 230V AC Adapter 700124 $159.00

Spare 120 volt AC Adapter

700179 $019.95

Spare 120/230 volt AC Adapter

700180 $029.95

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